Wednesday, June 10, 2009

*Day 55 - Wilderness Systems 'Tempest 165'

At Aqua Adventures the plastic Tempest 165 has begun to be refereed to as "Otto's Boat". This is the boat of choice for the 15 year old budding Greenland skills aficionado for most of his paddling and rolling practice. It's also the boat Otto used to viciously attack my Anas Acuta a couple weeks ago. You can tell that Otto is the one who usually uses the boat by the fact that the hip pads are firmly attached in the cockpit to keep his skinny rear from sliding all over the seat. It was the luck of the draw that put me in the Tempest for the Wednesday Morning Paddle and I squeezed my (not as skinny) rear into the seat being a bit too lazy to remove the hip pads. The trip went off without any big surprises and when we arrived back at the dock Tim, from my home state of Wisconsin, was already there anxiously awaiting the private lesson we had scheduled at 9:00.
The Tempest 165 edges turns very well which is one of the things I wanted to work on with Tim so I stayed with it for the lesson. Good edge turns and respectable speed are two of the things that make the Tempest 165 worth considering. It also comes with the famously comfortable seat and outfitting system that Wilderness boats are becoming known for. Like I've said about Tempests before, it's hard to beat one of these boats for out-of-the-box fit and comfort.

Tempest 165 Review

Manufacturer = Confluence
Brand = Wilderness Systems
Model = Tempest 165
Material = Plastic
Length = 16'-6"
Width = 21.5"
Weight = 56 lbs.
Capacity = 300 lbs.

Location = Mission Bay - Wed AM Paddle and Private lesson in Quivira Basin
Time = 7:00 AM
Distance = N/A
Duration = 1:30 then 2:00
Avg Speed = N/A
Conditions = Mostly cloudy and nice

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